Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between one tag and two tag systems?

In a One Tag system the key is attached to a numbered key tag with a snap on link. The hooks themselves are not numbered. In this system the key tags automatically number the hooks. Key collection envelopes, index reference cards and key receipt cards are also included.

In a Two Tag system the key hooks are numbered consecutively. The key tags are also numbered. A set of permanent key tags are included for the original key (which usually never leaves the cabinet). A set of duplicate key tags with snap on links are included for additional copies of the keys. Key collection envelopes, key receipt cards, an index book, and link sealing pliers are also included.  

What is the difference between a key box and a key cabinet?

The most widely recognized distinction is that a key box is 100 keys or less, whereas a key cabinet is 100 keys or more.  Key cabinets generally refer to higher capacity commercial products.  A key box can refer to anything from a professional  box down to a single key lock box.

What are my customization options?

Please reach out to or call our office at (330) 659-4800 to discuss customization options or to discuss any additional questions you may have.